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You Innovate;
We scale, we automate your solutions for improved efficiency and unwavering reliability. 

Experts in Cloud, DevOps, and Site Reliability Engineering!


Provide scalable + automated infrastructure solutions to ensure reliability and efficiency.


  • Deploy clusters on cloud & bare metal with ease.

  • Implement effective logging and monitoring for optimal performance.

  • Achieve seamless automation to run your applications efficiently.

CI/CD Setup

​Streamline your development process with:

  • Jenkins

  • GitHub Actions

  • Gitlab Pipelines

  • Bitbucket Pipelines

  • Docker

Cloud Platforms

​Leverage the power of leading cloud platforms: 

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Any cloud provider of your choice!


High-quality code and powerful automations:

  • Write code that is both beautiful and efficient. 

  • Develop automation solutions with Python to enhance productivity.

Guiding Principles
of KubeOps Consulting

  • Automate Everything: Streamline processes for efficiency.

  • Simplicity: Make effective solutions.

  • Time is Money: Save time, save money.

With over five years of hands-on experience in designing and deploying applications on AWS, our founder Vikas brings a robust skillset honed during his tenure at LinkedIn. He excels in infrastructure as code, proficiently using tools like Terraform, CDK, and Pulumi to deploy infrastructure seamlessly.

His in-depth knowledge of AWS services and consistent work with various clients on similar stacks has made him a reliable partner for delivering tailored, efficient, and scalable solutions for top enterprises.


Meet the Innovators Driving Our Success.

Vikas Yadav

Founder, Ex-Linkedin

IIIT Bangalore

Anshumaan Agarwal

IIIT Bangalore


Our team includes:


Ayush Verma

IIT Kharagpur


It was a great working experience with Vikas & KubeOps. He is highly knowledgeable and consistently provides optimized solutions, taking the time to thoroughly understand the existing systems within our company. Vikas always offers suggestions that align perfectly with our internal infrastructure and business needs. He ensures that all technical recommendations integrate seamlessly with our operations and delivers his work on time. His expertise and dedication make him an invaluable asset to any team.

Vishnu G.
Engineering Team, DeepIQ LLC.

Vikas and his team has been instrumental part of our DevOps operation. He's a talented leader that's also self-motivated, pro-active & reliable.

Thomas Tewolde
CEO, ChargeAutomation

Vikas is a highly knowledgeable and helpful DevOps engineer. We are a small team with minimal expertise in DevOps. Vikas has filled that gap and has been flexible and willing to help. As a result, he has been tremendously beneficial to our small team. He is versatile when working with various systems, whether starting from scratch or with an existing one. He works super well with other teams or on his own. Also, I can't stress this enough; Vikas is an excellent communicator who easily breaks down complex ideas and explains "the why" very well.

Michael M
CEO, Web Tech Consulting

I have worked with Vikas on several challenging infrastructure automation projects. No matter the client's internal and external complexities, I can always count on Vikas to demonstrate professionalism and technical leadership in the realm of infrastructure automation. I can also count on him to always implement the most efficient path to achieving project success. I have relied on Vikas' expertise on more than one occasion that required immediate attention, and his support has been instrumental during some of the most critical times. I look forward to continuing to work with him on future projects.

CEO Hypertext Labs

KubeOps did an outstanding job setting up our startup's backend and frontend pipelines, covering development, staging, and production environments. Vikas who closely worked with us, also integrated test automation with our DevOps pipeline, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Additionally, he architected our system using Docker, preparing it for future scalability as needed. I highly recommend them. Never disappointed with the team.

Fahmi Eshaq

Know more about why our clients trust us.

Success Stories from various industries.

Our Services

Explore our services to find out how we can help your business.

System Design & Architecture

Scalability and efficiency-focused system design and infrastructure optimization.

Infrastructure as Code

Consistent, reliable infrastructure management using advanced coding tools.

Kubernetes Cluster Setup

Customizable, efficient Kubernetes setups for diverse cloud environments.

Web Applications

Rapid development of web applications and internal tools using Django/Spring Boot.

Lean and Fast Microservices

Scalable, efficient microservices deployment and management.

Code Templates

Standardized, industry-aligned code templates for project efficiency.

Speed Optimization

Enhanced speed and responsiveness for web applications.

Cost Optimization

Cost reduction and efficiency in cloud resource utilization.

Observability Optimization

Active service quality management with advanced monitoring.

5 + Years of Experience

Our track record includes successful projects across industries, each characterized by innovative solutions and exceptional client satisfaction.

40 + Clients Served 

We have worked with clients across the globe to help them solve their infrastructure issues.

20 + Production Environments Managed

KubeOps is proud to manage 20+ production environments. Our clients trust us to keep their systems running smoothly.

Our Proven Track Record

Our Clientele

We equip businesses across various domains with scalable and efficient cloud solutions customized to their needs.

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