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Your Premier Partner in Site Reliability Engineering and DevOps

Welcome to KubeOps Consulting, where we blend over 5 years of industry-leading expertise with a commitment to excellence in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps. Our mission is to empower businesses by creating robust, scalable, and automated infrastructure solutions that ensure reliability and efficiency.


  • Deploy clusters on cloud and bare metal

  • Enable best logging and monitoring practices 

  • Efficiently run applications on top of it with maximal automation

Multiple cloud platforms

  • AWS

  • GCP

  • Azure

  • or any other cloud provider? Don’t worry. We can help

CI/CD Setup using 

  • Jenkins

  • GitHub Actions

  • Gitlab Pipelines

  • Bitbucket Pipelines

  • Docker


  • Write code which is not just performant and concise - but also beautiful 

  • Build automations using Python which will blow your mind.

Some Scenarios where we can help you..!!

Starting from deploying a secure infrastructure to a state-of-the-art observability strategy - Our solutions deliver optimal performance and reliability tailored to your business needs.

System Design and Architecture

  • Is your overall design OK to serve the scale you are targeting for the next 1 year? 

  • Are you using caching efficiently? 

  • Can your system support the growth of your development team? 
           We help our clients 

  • Analyse their overall system design and optimise it. 

  • Design the overall infrastructure from the ground 

Computer Programming

Web applications using Django/Spring Boot

  • Want to build a full-fledged web application? 

  • Want to build an internal tool to automate something for your organisation? 

  • Want to quickly build an MVP of an idea that you have in mind? 

   how we can help? 

  • We have experience with rapidly building web applications with Django and Spring Boot. Our clients are also using a bunch of applications built by us in production! 

Geomtric Shape Objects

Observability Optimisation

  • Does your application go down randomly and you often have no idea what went wrong? 

  • Does it happen often that your customer tells you that your application is not working? 

  • A service stays down for days and you don’t even notice? 

  • A service runs in a degraded state for days and you have no idea? 

  • A lot of exceptions are happening in your application and you only got to know it after your customer complained?

  • Bots are taking down your system? 

           We help our clients 

  • Build eyes and ears to make sure that they don’t run blind in production. We help them detect downtime/issues in minutes and also create an escalation strategy for emails and phone calls. 

Cost Optimization

  • Worried about your cloud bill? 

  • Not sure if you are optimally utilisation your resources? 

           We help our clients 

  • To identify the problems in their cloud utilisation strategy

  • We have helped our clients bring down their overall cloud bill by more than 70% also in some cases.

Image by Growtika

Lean and fast Microservices

  • Diving into the world of microservices? Have confusions? 

  • Are microservices even the right fit for you? Should you even be using them? 

  • Worried if you are doing things right and not creating a mess?

       how we can help? 

  • We have helped our clients deploy a large number of microservices. We ensure that we provide our clients with the best platform to run their microservices and also make sure that they are building things right and not creating a mess! 

Infrastructure as Code

    We have experience with 

  • Terraform

  • AWS CDK 

  • Cloud formation

  • cdk8s 

  • pulumi

Your infrastructure is always managed as code so that you can sleep peacefully. 


Speed Optimisation

  • Are you running a web application and your customers are having bad user experience due to slow speed? 

  • Are your web pages/APIs taking a long time to respond? 

  • Are your customers complaining about slow load time for images/videos? 

  • Is your database running too slow? 

  • Don’t worry - let’s work together.

Work Desk

Code Templates

  • Does it take a lot of time to ship new applications? 

  • Do you see your teams repeating the same thing again and again? 

           We help our clients 

  • Build code templates that adhere to certain standards. Once the code templates are tuned to your organization - you ensure that the best practices are taken care of and all new projects are forked out of these templates.

  • Your infrastructure is also fine-tuned to integrate seamlessly with these standards. So in process, you build an ecosystem that saves hours and hours of time every single day

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 10.48.31 PM.png

Kubernetes Cluster Setup

         We help our clients 

  • To setup Kubernetes - managed or unmanaged on various cloud providers. 

  • We provide boilerplate helm packages to install all the necessary tooling on your Kubernetes cluster 

  • We offer a proprietary Kubernetes setup baked in with various opinionated CNCF tools that work together to make your Kubernetes experience peaceful. 

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